On this page is (or is it are?) pictures of the artist drawings of the MGM theme park.  Folks, if these people are not serious, they have gone through an awful lot of work and time to show us their intentions.  

What MGM wants the state to do is re-enact the tourism incentive legislation which rebated developers a portion of the sales taxes collected on the park property.  The law which we let lapse because we felt it was being misapplied to any large retailer, would allow the development to recoup up to 30% of the investment or a 10 year period, whichever came first.

Keep in mind...these are conception pictures and subject to change.

All pictures are thumbnails, so click on them to make larger.

logo_use.jpg (92717 bytes) "We will protect this logo," the presenter said before the meeting.  At that point, I became a believer in this project as he explained to us the reputation behind the famous MGM logo.

gate.jpg (270324 bytes) This is an artist's conception of what the entrance to the park might look like.  As part of the sales tax rebate, would be the 7% sales tax on entrance tickets.

hollywood_plaza.jpg (574186 bytes) We all have a conception of what Hollywood looks like.  In some ways, I was a bit disappointed to see what it really looks like; but, I'll take the facsimile to feed my imagination of glitz and glamour.  Although at one time on the trip, I did call Agnes to tell her to turn in her two week notice and pack an overnight bag.  We would buy what we needed to survive when she got out there.  The horrendous traffic, though, changed my mind.  Hollywood...it's a nice pace to visit, but you do not live there.

film_school.jpg (214424 bytes) Part of the park would be a film school academy where you would actually enroll for classes and shoot a film.

theater.jpg (257970 bytes) Note where the searchlights are coming from.  This is a theater and a spot where MGM would premier some of its films.

big_country.jpg (284354 bytes) This is "Big Country" part of the park.  Based on MGM's many outdoor films, the area would include a riverboat, Mississippi Delta Artisan Faire, "Fistful of Dollars" shooting gallery, and a simulated hang gliding soar of the Mississippi Delta.  

cuthtroat.jpg (324040 bytes) Cutthroat Island takes you back to Huck Finn, a seaside port of 200 years ago, and a kid's sized pirate ship to romp on and win the "battle of the seas".  Restaurants in this area would have a Caribbean theme, tropical clothing shoppes, and a lighthouse to view the entire development.

paris.jpg (290695 bytes) "Ahh, yes, Paris in the Delta." Paris Blues" Lane is the musical entertainment district of the park featuring everything from roadhouse blues to soft jazz.  Throw in a little romantic French restaurant, pastry shop, and a collection of European art and clothing and you are in old Paris.

50s.jpg (345868 bytes) This is my favorite spot.  "Beach Blanket Bingo" Boulevard.  Complete with Boardwalk and Fries, this is where I would have spent my youthful days in Ocean City Maryland.  Based on the Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon bikini movies...I'm ready to get in shape,  flex muscle, kick sand, and rev up the Ford Ranger...if it lives that long.  

Like I said, they went through an elaborate presentation if they were not serious.  This is the first development presentation I have attended that I have come away as a believer.  These folks are no nickel and dime "get what we can out of the government" group.  What we saw and experienced was for real.

We'll have to wait and see.

One more picture.  While in California, I got to see Betsy, Agnes's daughter, who is a nurse at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Hollywood where she lives.

betsy.JPG (1212211 bytes) In front of the Tutto Mare restaurant where we ate.







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